a new series!

Lost civilizations, buried treasure, dark water, monsters and even an eye patch or two!

Retirement was supposed to be an opportunity for gardening and finishing up a lifetime of archeological fieldwork. But, when Prof. Ned and his wife Nellie Nodd receive a half-garbled message from their granddaughter, it sets them on a search for Sam and her twin brother Bass on the water and under the ocean. Along the way, they uncover a gang of pirates, ancient treasures, and a secret half a world away from where they might have expected to look for it.

This story is for my generation, the so-called "Baby Boomers" who grew up with Project Mercury, Jaques Cousteau, the Cold War and National Geographic. You'll immediately recognize some stuff from the pages of Weekly Reader and Science Digest and wonder "where did it all go?" It didn't go anywhere. It just got buried by all the other stuff that we let pile up along the way. It's a story about futures, old and new, and how they are viewed by elders and youngers, each seeing some things for the first time and other things, hardly at all.

They don't always see eye-to-eye but when they get it all together, they get it right.